BUVIAR Lab Appeared in National Press

Virtual and Augmented Reality Period Begins at Boğaziçi University Boğaziçi University Virtual Reality Laboratory (BUVIAR) was established at Boğaziçi University. With BUVIAR, which is planned to produce original cognitive models by processing the latest technology artificial intelligence and machine learning methods, it is aimed to carry out advanced studies in the field of virtual reality at Boğaziçi University. News Link

BUVIAR Logo Design

Boğaziçi University Virtual Reality Laboratory Logo Contest was announced on social media in January 2022. The designs submitted to the competition were evaluated by the laboratory members. As a result of the evaluations, Lecturer, who is a lecturer in the graphic design department at Istanbul Esenyurt University. See. The design prepared by Mustafa Güney was chosen as the laboratory logo and announced.